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OpenCms 8: cms:editable and inline editing

In order to get the inline edit without forcing users to access the backoffice (system/login) you have to:

  1. add <cms:editable/> somewhere in your template (<head> section?)
  2. include the current element body with something like: cms.include(null, “body”, true);
    please note “true” param that means you can edit … for details take a look here

That’s enough to get inline editing for users that login using the backoffice (system/login).

But … if you’d like to:
- have a custom login page
- get inline editing for users that use your custom login
You also have to:

  1. create the custom login page: http://www.opencms-wiki.org/wiki/Custom_Login_Page
  2. in your template add this code (head section) to switch authenticated users to the offline project:
    CmsUser user = cms.getRequestContext().getCurrentUser();
    if (!user.isGuestUser() && OpenCms.getRoleManager().hasRole(cms.getCmsObject(), CmsRole.WORKPLACE_USER)) {
       CmsProject cmsproject = cms.getCmsObject().readProject("Offline");
  3. add the users that must have the inline editing to the OpenCms Users group (this adds the correct role to your users)
  4. done!

VisualVM – monitor local and remote Java applications

Visualvm is able to measure application performance (profiler) and monitor system resources.
It’s really a nice tool if you need to monitor your tomcat and get some informations about threads, memory usage, cpu load, loaded classes, etc.


I’d say this application is fundamental to watch over your tomcat …